Society for the Arts in Healthcare Ambassador Sandra Bertman tells why the Society is important to her both professionally and personally.
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By far the most illuminating and evocative portion of the house-staff and faculty seminar on the Care of the Dying. Should be a required part of every medical school and residency curriculum. Nan Cochran, M.D., Dartmouth Medical School.

You helped us break the barriers, both personal and professional, that many of us have in talking about death and dying. Ellen Mayer, Director, National Health Forum

The students, faculty, and community members who attended stressed that you gave the best presentation of the series...Intellectually rigorous and emotionally compelling, provided the best possible introduction to the series. John Hazen White Honors Colloquium “Mortal Questions,” University of Rhode Island

You were absolutely fabulous! Both of your keynotes received wonderful reviews. Second Annual Powell Psycho-oncology Symposium, Clearwater, FL

You really have great gifts, and I thank you for sharing your wisdom, experience and humour with us, but especially for sharing yourself. Bob Hutcheon, M.D. L’Hospital do Montreal pour Enfants

It is not often that the impact of the opening address from a key-note speaker draws so many positive responses and does so much to set the tone of the conference, Trevor Banks, National Hospice and Palliative Care Conference, Australian Association for Hospice and Palliative Care

An inspiring presentation. I like feeling that if I saw/heard nothing else the conference would be memorable. Keynote Address, Victorian Hospice Society

As I reflect on the gift you gave us last week in your presentation I realize that I will revisit it many times. The overarching theme that returns for me is that death was taken from it’s Hospice context and put in a much larger, more global and historical context. You, again, for me, put death on a continuum, from the solemn to the poignant to the fleeting moment. Brooke Tenney, Maine Hospice Council (Program on Children & Death)

Just wanted to take a quick moment to say “Thank you!” for the wonderful course in Intermediate Grief Counseling last week at ADEC. An incredible experience for me—both the content and for your contagious aggressive teaching style. Harold Ivan Smith, D.Min.

Should be required for every medical student and physician contemplating palliative medicine Walter Taylor, M.D., AAHPM

When the Massachusetts Bar Association felt the need to have a forum exploring how lawyers should deal with a client’s impending death, Dr. Bertman was recommended. We knew her to be the leading pioneer in helping professionals understand the psychology of loss and the ethical and personal problems confronting them, but we never expected her to deepen our interest or understanding of suffering, death and grief through humanities materials. Not only did she skillfully instruct us, she enabled us to put the knowledge obtained from the arts, literature and philosophy to work for the good of our clients and their families. Her use of literature and the arts prodded us to reconsider our own personal professional commitment as a calling–and reminded us that we are not only lawyers, we are counselors at law. T. P. Jalcut, Nutter, McClennen & Fish

Coping w/ Loss & Grief: Artful Solutions.... (workshop)

I really enjoyed this workshop and walked away feeling that I could use the techniques learned about. ....

Too short. Wish we could have gone on!

Not enough time—what a great presentation...

As a non-artist I appreciate having the visual stimulation and an opportunity to experience my own feelings as well as other perspectives.

Pressed a lot of buttons and left me reeling!

Very moving, funny, eloquent portrayal of death. I laughed and cried! Thank you!