Hospice of the Good Shepherd
Part of their mission is a commitment to providing education about aging, dying, death and bereavement, hospice philosophy and care. In addition to a variety of educational programs to promote community knowledge and engagement in end of life issues, is a dedication to offer ongoing opportunities for staff self-reflection and renewal.
• Aging, Alzheimers and the Arts Program
• Local Hospice Opens One of a Kind Library
• Facing Death: Connecting to What Matters Program
• Good Shepherd Community Care Program

Visions and Voices (preview)
Arts and Humanities Projects ventures funded by the Project on Death in America need to be visible and accessible to the healthcare community and to the general public. The project "End-of-Life Care: Visions and Voices...from the Arts & Humanities" (Visions and Voices) offers consultation and/or presentations composed of photographs, excerpts from visual, dramatic, poetic and literary contributions from the PDIA archives. The goal of Visions and Voices is to provide ongoing exposure and utilization of PDIA projects through PDIA, AAHPM, IICM and other linked web sites by January, 2006.

Staying Soulful:
The ArtSpace

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Staying Soulful
Founded the feature column in the American Academy for Hospice and Palliative Medicine Bulletin intended to refresh and stimulate clinicians' therapeutic imaginations through reflection upon and response to images and metaphors culled from the arts, humanities, and their own creativity.

Jeff's Place (1910-present) http://www.jeffsplacemetrowest.org

Friends Way
(1999-2009) Families Reaching Into Each New Day, Inc (FRIENDS WAY), a haven for healing and hope provide free, community and volunteer-based bereavement support to children ages 3-18 who are struggling to cope with the death of a parent or sibling. Currently the only organization of its kind located in Rhode Island, FRIENDS WAY serves as a focal center to provide children from all over Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts with the opportunity to share their experience of loss, regardless of religion, ethnicity, or socioeconomic status.

Through the use of creative activities including art, music, physical play, puppetry, story telling, journaling, games and role-play, children are invited to openly and honestly express their feelings and grief reactions. The ratio of children to facilitators is small (approximately 2:1 to 3:1), based on age and clinical needs. Although it is a child-centered program, FRIENDS WAY firmly believes that a child can be most helped when working with the entire family system, and therefore also holds simultaneous caregiver support group.